Delivering Industrial IT Solutions for the Connected World, our goal is to help our customers improve their industrial operations and we do this through the provision of a set of hardware, software and managed services to suit our customer’s specific operational goals and requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience, we have learned how to read the developing trends in the IT world and bring them to the industrial market, in a way which meets business and operational needs.

At SolutionsPT, our unique sales proposition is the way we work with and support the end users, and their systems integrators through the complete lifecycle of their system, from design, through implementation and into the systems operational use and ongoing management.

We work with our customers to improve the quality, security and productivity of their offering and the services that they deliver. Critical to this is ensuring that our customers are able to not only increase the performance, availability and efficiency of their systems, but also maximise the ROI and lifetime value of their systems, whilst reducing the total cost of ownership.