Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)


Within ERA Thermal Energy Technologies, the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) are applying their expertise in the development of integrated manufacturing system solutions to deliver critical enhancements to the thermal energy sector supply chain.

The MTC are demonstrating how the innovative application industrial digital technologies can enable disruptive supply chain solutions through the concept of Factory In A Box (FIAB) Manufacture; unlocking the ability of UK thermal energy SMEs to industrialise their thermal energy products.

In collaboration with partners in industry and academia, with £10m funding over 3 years ending in March 2019, the MTC is delivering two FIAB demonstrators for UK thermal energy SMEs; an industrially relevant demonstration of how businesses can be transformed through the application of industrial digital technologies.

The MTC also developed the Smart Manufacturing Accelerator (SMA), a framework for planning, design and implementation of integrated manufacturing and supply chain solutions enhanced by digital tools, for new customers and applications.