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Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) Project

The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) is an Innovate UK funded programme within Midlands Innovation. ERA involves a consortium of six midlands based research intensive universities, together with the British Geological Survey, who are harnessing the Midlands’ combined research excellence and industry expertise to play a critical role in tackling some of the biggest energy challenges facing the UK.

With £60m funding from Innovate UK, and £120M of match funding and support supplied by a range of industrial partners, ERA are working to deliver a range of specialist energy projects across the Midlands.

ERA Thermal Energy Technologies

Thermal energy, both hot and cold, is one of the major energy challenges. The provision of cold, or cooling, is integral to modern society; without it, the supply of food, medicine and data would simply break down. Yet cooling currently consumes large amounts of energy and causes a great deal of pollution.

ERA is working collaboratively with the Birmingham Energy Institute, Midlands Innovation universities and other partners, to drive the development and integration of a range of thermal and cryo-energy technologies. These will deliver jobs and apprenticeships, wealth creation and the next generation of scientists and engineers in both the energy sector and emerging industries.